In the past, this region was characterised by a strong industrial heritage and tradition. The Euro Auctions Immobilien GmbH property
in Oberhausen was used for industrial purposes and as company premises of the steel and rolling plant Neu-Oberhausen. The aerial photograph from 1945 shows it was a heavy industry area which was not greatly affected by the war.

Nowadays, however, it is undergoing a structural change, similar to that which has already been successful in many parts of the region.

The general economic crisis, which took place at the end of the 80es and triggered the decline of the mining and steel producing industries, also had a negative impact on parts of the iron and steel works Gute-Hoffnungs-Hütte (GHH) in Oberhausen. Therefore,
a new utilisation concept had to be developed for an approx. 500-hectare industrial area between the centres of Alt-Oberhausen, Osterfeld and Sterkrade. This is how, in the 90es, as a by-product of the structural change in this region something quite unusual
came about in Oberhausen: in addition to the original, historic city centre, a second centre within the city, the Neue Mitte (new centre) emerged.

Most of the buildings were still in existence in 1997. Some of them were renovated, modified and/or extended. When the premises were abandoned in 1997, the property was chosen to serve a new purpose.

The first ideas for a new urban development concept for this area were put together during a brainstorming workshop in 1998. A more detailed project idea with regard to the O.VISION Zukunftspark (Future Park) was compiled and suggested in 2001. This Future Park
was designed in particular for companies aiming at combining economy, research and development with high-tech businesses, exhibitions and trade fairs and, at the same time, with tourist attractions. The focus was supposed to lie on the notion "showcase of
the future" as well as on scientific and future-oriented topics in the field of "Mankind and Technology". With the amendment of the
zoning and district plan of the City of Oberhausen based on the master plan for "O.VISION-Zunkunftspark" No. 465, the use right for
this project was granted.

All of the remaining industrial buildings were completely demolished.
The ring road for the planned access and the two access roads linking Osterfelder Strasse have been completed.
So far, the only part of the original plan which has been realised is the Institute for Environment and Safety Technology of the
Fraunhofer Society in the western section of the area.

Luftbild 1945
Luftbild 1997/98
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