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10 good reasons why to decide for the Businesspark Neue Mitte:

60 million people live within 250 km of Oberhausen, which got around 220,000 inhabitants.
40 million people, a seventh of the total EU-population lives within 200 km.
5 million people can get to Oberhausen within 30 minutes.
30 million people can reach Oberhausen by car in 3 hours.
The international airport Düsseldorf is only 20 minutes away.
There are 16 motorway accesses within 2,5 km.
The main train station is passed by ICE and IC.
The ÖPNV-Bus is going to the Neue Mitte every 90 seconds.
New road and train connections are planned.
23 million people visit the leisure- and shopping centre CentrO every year.

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